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Regulatory affairs

Regardless of the scope or size of your business, regulatory impositions affect your bottom line. The volatility of the regulatory process in Washington D.C. today can mean that at any time your business may suddenly face an enormous new burden of rules and regulations. Having someone here to look out on your behalf is basic prudence.  Our partners bring a wealth of experience dealing with regulatory affairs.  We will defend and watch out for your interests by effectively exerting pressure on Members of Congress and the Washington D.C. bureaucracy. Some areas in which we can be most effective:



Environmental regulations and compliances can be a massive roadblock to your company’s success.  Our partners bring an in-depth understanding of the regulatory process and how to work on particular environmental initiatives to promote your objectives.



The volatility of the U.S. dollar and the instability of the international monetary system means that the future of the dollar is of concern to every business. Interest rates can change overnight. Federal Reserve policy can change rapidly and with it, the ability to navigate credit markets. We will inform and interpret for our clients, what is happening to the dollar in response to policy changes- and what policy changes may come in response to what is happening to the dollar.



In the constantly changing environment of labor policy, it is essential that you have an ally who will defend your interests as an employer.  We will work with lawmakers and labor policy experts. Our team has extensive experience in the details of employment law, unionization issues and strike/walkout affairs. We have an in-depth understanding of how labor law and regulations work in the real world provided by our years of leading and operating successfully run businesses.