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With over 40 years combined experience in tax policy, we have the expertise, resources and vision to accomplish your legislative goals. Our partners have directed key federal and state initiatives that have seen them become fixtures in tax policy in Washington D.C.  They have been influential in guiding legislative action in Congress on estate taxes for the past 10 years and have become foremost experts in achieving legislative results for privately held businesses throughout the nation and the families that own them in this ever-changing political climate. Our know-how has let us cultivate and develop a far-reaching base of tax policy allies both on and off Capitol Hill.  


Estate and Gift Tax

We have an individual knowledge of the damaging economic effects that the estate and gift tax can have on American businesses, and the American economy.  Our network of resources include top economists and tax experts on Congressional staffs and committees and influential think tanks and non-profit organizations.


Corporate Taxes and Capital Gains

Our partners have an in-depth understanding of the capital gains and corporate tax structures and how it can affect your business. We are there to provide a direct link to the halls of Congress and make sure that lawmakers and administrative officials realize the effect high corporate tax rates and capital gains taxes can have on economic growth, productivity and capital formation.


Payroll Taxes

Patten & Associates has a strong grasp of payroll tax issues and the affect of these taxes on the real cost of labor, work incentives and productivity. We will work with your business to make sure that Members of Congress and bureaucrats see the harmful effect that increasingly higher payroll taxes have on American workers and businesses.


State and Local Tax

Our partners will work with your business to ensure that your state and local tax issues are given the appropriate representation. We have years of experience in understanding how state and local taxes intersect with federal tax issues and how they can affect your business, community and state.